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Our mission is to help women love their post-baby tummies again. As women our bodies are truly incredible and we celebrate birthing little humans. It truly is a miracle. 😃  But our bodies go through a lot and may not be the same as pre-baby. 
No-one tells us that babies can cause a bulging (mummy) tummy, lower back pain or pelvic floor issues. It is a big secret that you generally don't find out until it is too late.
Here at No Mummy Tummy we want every woman in Australia to know that you can fix your mummy tummy and even prevent (or reduce abdominal separation) during your pregnancy. 
If you still have a protruding belly, nagging back pain and look like you are pregnant 6 weeks, 6 month or even 6 years after having your babies - you more than likely have abdominal separation or a diastasis recti. 
What is a Diastasis Recti?

A Diastasis Recti is the technical term for abdominal separation.  The word 'diastasis' means separation and 'recti' refers to the the outermost abdominal muscles. So, it is a separation of the outermost abdominal muscles.

When the muscles separate the connective tissue (linea alba) joining these muscles stretch sideways

causing it to become thinner and weaker meaning it cannot effectively support your belly button, back and organs. To have a strong core, your muscles must be close together. 

No Mummy Tummy uses the worldwide leading and medically-proven Tupler Technique® (link to Tupler Technique page on website) to prevent and heal abdominal separation. Developed by Julie Tupler, who Dr Oz calls 'an expert on treating diastasis recti', the Tupler Technique is XXXXX . 
How do I know if I have a Diastasis Recti?
You are more likely to have a Diastasis if you:
- have had more than one child
- had large babies
- multiple births
- recurrent adbominal surgery
- are older than 35 years
- have an outie belly button
Take our quiz here to see if you are more likely to experience a Diastasis Recti. (insert quiz)
How do I test for a Diastasis Recti?
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What is the No Mummy Tummy Program?
- natural way to heal abdominal separation.
- no surgery required
- Utilises the Tupler Technique - a medically-proven program
-It is never too late to start - you can commence the program whilst pregnant (which we highly recommend) -  6 weeks, 12 months or 10 years after having your baby. 
Which program is for you? Learn more (insert quiz to work out what program suits them best)