We've changed our name! No Mummy Tummy is now Bodykind.


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The Bodykind. Program is created to heal a diastasis recti and strengthen your core.

The Program is a trainer-led Program which includes 3 Steps:

1) Consistent Tummy Bracing with our Belly Brace

2) Daily Strengthening Exercises

3) Postural Adjustments & Moving Correctly

The Program includes trainer consults to guide and review your progress on the Program. These are essential to ensuring you are performing the exercises correctly and progressing as needed.

Bodykind. has three Programs. Which Program suits you is determined by:

a) Your level of motivation

b) The severity of your diastasis recti.

Click here to read more about each program.

No it does not. What this means is that you have Trainer Support for that period of time. Everyone is different and how long you take to heal is dependent on the severity of your diastasis and the condition of your connective tissue. Your dedication to following the Program is also a factor ;) After your first consult we will be able to give you a rough time estimate. Some people will take 9 weeks to heal and others take 12 months.

You don’t need surgery to heal a diastasis. With our Program we guarantee if you follow our Program you will heal it. And if you don’t we will give you your money back.

Yes. As long as you continue to perform the 3 Steps of the Program until your Diastasis is closed.

It is never too late to heal a diastasis – you can commence 1 month, 1 year or 10 years after having your babies.

The majority of women will get a diastasis when pregnant. For some women this will heal naturally, but others will need assistance to repair it.

The Brace is an essential component of our Program. It has three purposes:

1) To take the stretch off the connective tissue putting the muscles in a better position to heal.

2) To provide additional support for our back and organs when your tummy muscles are too weak to provide the support needed.

3) To remind you that you need to move in a diastasis manner.

No. This is just one step of the Program and wearing the Brace alone will not heal your diastasis.

We recommend you do the Program as soon as possible as with each pregnancy your diastasis will increase. It is much harder and a much greater commitment is required to heal a larger diastasis then to heal a smaller one with each pregnancy.

No you cannot exercise until after Week 6. At this point we will teach you how to introduce exercise back into your life in a diastasis safe manner. Some exercises you will not be able to do until you heal. Once you have completed 6 weeks on the Program we recommend exercise as part of your recovery Program.