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Become A No Mummy Tummy Ambassador

Become a No Mummy Tummy Ambassador and earn $$ for every mum you help.

It is our mission to help women love their post-baby tummies again. As women our bodies are truly incredible and we celebrate birthing little humans. It is a miracle but our bodies go through a lot and may not be the same as pre-baby. Our Program helps women during pregnancy and post-baby to re-gain their body-confidence and address issues associated with abdominal separation.

We would love you to be part of our journey and reward you for sharing the love ☺. It’s a win-win - you get to earn some money on the side and also reward friends, family or customers with a great program.

As an ambassador you can earn $ by:

• Promoting No Mummy Tummy through your affiliate link (on your website or online business) OR

• using a referral code which earns you some $ and the customer a discount.

You get paid for every program sale purchased through your link or referral code. There is no cost to join you can simply apply below to get started.

How does it work:

• You receive $25 commission for every program sale through your link and/or referral code.

• You can offer a $25 discount on the No Mummy Tummy Program to your clients.

• You are paid monthly via Paypal.

Website Banners and Promotions:

How do I get started?

• You complete the Application below.

• Once approved, you can easily add our banners or button to your website, newsletters or blog.

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Program Terms and Policies

1) Flat rate commission of $25

2) Commissions are paid via paypal.

3) Commission will be paid on the 5th Business day following the end of month in which the commission was earned.

4) Commissions will not be paid on programs purchased with one’s own affiliate link or referral code.

5) Commissions are only paid on No Mummy Tummy Pregnancy Prevention Packages and Post-Pregnancy Treatment Packages booked via the nomummtummy.com.au website. Commissions are not provided for Seminar Bookings, product purchases or Tummy Checks.