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Everybodi: Magnesium & Coffee Body Stretch Mark Scrub

The everybodi Anti-Stretch Mark Scrub is created with a secret formula used for generations in Vietnam. It is the World’s first anti-stretch mark scrub and works by:

  1. The coffee exfoliating the skin (naturally)
  2. The magnesium detoxifying the skin pulling all the "toxins" from beneath the skin. 
  3. Allowing the oils to be absorbed by the skin & not just sit on the surface. 

With daily use of the scrub the oils work to keep the skin hydrated allowing it to expand without tearing (the tearing is known as stretch marks).  

Use the scrub daily for your entire pregnancy and if you get stretch marks we will refund you. 100% guaranteed*. 

Here’s why you should use it when pregnant:

- The magnesium relaxes the muscles allowing them to stretch as the body rapidly expands during pregnancy. 

Hundreds of women have used and not one woman has reported stretch marks. If they already had stretch marks they were minimised with the next pregnancy.

It feels like an exfoliation and moisturiser all-in-one.

everybodi guarantee it works with their money-back guarantee.


  1. Product must be used daily for entire pregnancy.
  2. You need to provide proof of purchase and usage.
  3. Guarantee is only valid for 3 months post-baby birth.