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May 07, 2019 6 min read

It’s easy to be tough on ourselves. To only see the wrinkles and the extra kgs that have appeared post-baby or to judge yourself for eating that last piece of banana bread (hmmm....guilty 😉)

Instead how about we focus on being kind to ourselves – focus on how amazing our bodies are - get some balance back into our thoughts and lives?

With that in mind, here are our top six tips and tricks for being bodykind…

1. Listen to your body – it will tell you what you need.

When I was pregnant I craved meat – which is slightly problematic as you can only have cooked meat 🤦🏻‍♀️. I then subsequently found out I was low in iron. My body was telling me what it needed when I was pregnant.

Our bodies send us messages all the time – you feel tired, you need to rest. You are feeling overwhelmed – you have probably bitten off more than you can chew. If we listen to what our body is telling us and acted on it we would be much more in tune with what we need.  So, how do you do this I hear you say?

Simply slow down. Let your body tell you the cues. It talks to you all the time, but often we simply ignore it – we are tired, we push through, our tummy grumbles, we will eat later. Listen - don’t judge or intellectualise it - simply act. You will feel so much better for it. 😀

2. Your body is amazing. Celebrate it. Look after it.

    I still find the miracle of life, well just that, a miracle. 🙏 How amazing is it that as women we can create and grow that life and then birth it into this world? It truly amazes me. And even more mind-blowing is how our bodies adapt and change to house and grow our bubbas. As Tina Turner so eloquently put it “We are Simply. The. Best!”👏

    As Prince Harry said today on the birth of his little boy "How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension". Here, here. We couldn't agree more.

    We also need to remember to look after ourselves. Spend a week in bed with the flu and you soon realise nothing else matters – your health is a priority for you and your family. You cannot do anything, enjoy anything without your health. 

    @jesseitzler recently posted on on facebook:


    Stay healthy. Period. We all do. Lots of messages floating out there about WORKING YOUR ASS off. Yes, you have to work hard...I worked hard...obviously...but it means NOTHING if you don’t stay healthy. Investin yourhealth. Clean Food. Exercise. Adventure. Family. Relationships. Rest. Good energy.”


    That pretty much sums it up – I have nothing else to add  👍🏻

    3. Kindness makes the world go round.

      When you google ‘what does kindness mean?’, the top answer from Quora is by Vicki Lee. She says:

      “Kindnessto me means to treat everyone in a way that you would like to be treated. It doesn't matter who the person is, how they look, or how they act. You also shouldn't need a reason to be kind to others. Kindness will come naturally after practicing it a lot.
      Kindness is also getting past judgement. Judgment is natural, everybody does it. But whether you choose to vocalize it shows a lot about a person. A kind person may internally judge, but they will never say it out loud. It's okay to have an opinion, but that doesn't mean it's okay to act upon it or share negativity.
      Remember, one act of kindnessignitesanother one. Together, the world is improved little by little.”

      Now imagine you applied that definition to yourself. You don’t need a reason to be kind to yourself – treat yourself how you would treat other people. Suddenly the judgement disappears, you are more generous towards yourself. Positive. And remember one act of kindness towards yourself ignites another. Little by little you learn to be kinder to yourself, more forgiving. More loving.

      4. Positive thoughts create positive thoughts. 

        There is absolutely no doubt that positivity creates positivity. We’ve all seen and experienced it – you put out positive vibes and good things happen.

        Back when internet dating started (many years ago...) my girlfriends wanted me to try it. I was not so sure...Anyway, after a few disastrous dates I decided to. I created a profile and waited for blokes to contact me. My cup was not overflowing let us just say. One night after some Dutch courage I got home and thought “I am better than this, I deserve better” and went online and  actively found those men that I thought looked interesting and (of course handsome – come on -  it is Internet dating and there is only so much you can tell from a profile!). Anyway, long story short – I matched with my handsome husband that night. And all because I shared the good vibes :) 


        I truly believe in mind over matter – you can manifest changes through positive actions and thoughts. 


        One of our Program Clients doing told us that she envisaged her muscles coming together and repairing and strengthening her core and she believes it was a powerful way for her to help in her healing. She achieved amazing results very quickly might I add.

        I love listening to podcasts and at the start of this year I listened to one of Amy Porterfield's regarding writing down our goals each day and how it substantially increases your chances of reaching them. I love this. And have been doing it daily. It keeps me focussed on the positive, not the daily struggles, issues and fires I have to put out. Like with visualisation, it reinforces what I want to achieve. What if you did this each day focussing on self-care and being bodykind? What if you wrote down three things you loved about yourself each day. Would that change how you feel about yourself? What is instead of negative thoughts, you wrote how much you love your tiger marks as they are a symbol of birthing your children. Over time would this change your thoughts towards them?

        I am going to try it starting tomorrow.

        5. Self-care is fundamental.

          Me-time is so important to my mental health. With three kids and a busy life – self-care is not optional, it is a necessity. My girlfriend and I were talking recently and her husband told her that she needed a ‘hobby’. She was a little startled as she didn’t have one and it really made her question what she did for herself. It was a great starting point for a discussion around what is self-care? What does that look like for me? And after spending some time contemplating it, I have realised for me, it is:

          a). Time for me – it might be a manicure, listening to an audiobook, shopping or hour-long hot bath. Things that I LOVE doing by myself.

          b). Time with my girls -  a sparkles with my girlfriends, a night out, a giggle in the schoolyard, a walk and chat.










          c). Prioritising myself when I need to. As a mum it is so easy to lose yourself amongst the constant demands of kids, husband, jobs, washing, cooking and so on. I have learnt (which has got easier as the kids get older) that every now and then I need to prioritise me.

          What does self-care looks like to you? It will be completely different to how it looks for you. And then what can you do to ensure you are getting the level of self-care you need?

          6. You are you. Do you.

            It is sometimes easy to forget what makes us special and unique. Sit down for 10mins and write down a list of what makes you special. What makes you you.  Celebrate your quirks, your strengths and weaknesses :)


            Actions for you...

            I hope these little tips & tricks help you feel more bodykind. Here is a quick summary of what you can do starting today to be a little more bodykind...

            1. Listen to your body. Yes listen to your body and then take action. Don't judge or intellectualise. Just do.
            2. Your most important job is to stay healthy. Look after your body, eat well🍏and exercise 💪.
            3. Be kind to yourself. Little by little small acts of kindness to yourself will ignite another until you feel more loving and bodykind.
            4. Write down 3 things you love about yourself. Every. Day.
            5. Contemplate what you need for self-care. What does this look like to you. Write it down. Refer to it. Action it.
            6. Do you. Celebrate your strengths and weaknesses. Feel empowered by what you are good at and where you can improve. We are all unique - it is what makes the world go round. ❤️

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