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March 30, 2018 2 min read

Diastasis Recti (or abdominal separation) is the separation of your abdominal muscles. It is the weakening of the connective tissue which holds the rectus abdominus muscles together. The linea alba is stretched, resulting in weakened connective tissue.

Diastasis Recti affects 33% of women who have had a baby, 66% who have had two babies and almost 100% of women who have three or more babies.

Symptoms of Diastasis Recti 

There are a number of symptoms associated with Diastasis Recti. You may have some or all of them. Everyone is different and it is really determined by the severity of your separation and the strength of your connective tissue.

Symptoms include:

  • Soft podgy tummy
  • Sticky outie belly button 
  • Sometimes you pee your pants
  • Lower back pain after or during exercise or lifting
  • Bloating
  • Constipation

Why is it an issue?

This weakening of the connective tissue makes it harder, and in some cases almost impossible, to hold your transverse muscle in when exercising or moving around. Diastasis Recti occur when you are pregnant and is completely normal. It is post-partum when the issues generally occur. Without the protection or strength from your transverse muscle, other muscles in the body take over, such as the lower back, shoulders and even the pelvic floor.

Can Diastasis Recti be fixed?

The good new is 'yes'. We find many women (& men) come to us being told surgery is their only option. It is not - you can heal it naturally and without surgery.

Bodykind has a trainer-led Program which will repair and strengthen your core. 
It is a rehab program with 3 core steps: 
1. Abdominal bracing
3. Protecting and strengthening the core
4. Moving diastasis safe & exercising safely

By using the above steps, women can heal their stretched connective tissue, learn to protect it by wearing our abdominal brace and move and exercise in a safe manner. 

Bodykind is one of the leading Diastasis Recti treatment programs in Australia. We treat pre (prevention), and post-pregnancy women through a one on one trainer led program to heal, protect, strengthen your core.

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